Hi, I'm Ognjen Babic.
I create gorgeus, modern and responsive Webflow websites.

I'll help you grow your business. Building beautiful, user-friendly websites that connect businesses with their audience.

Custom Web Design and Development

l leverage my expertise in Webflow to create custom-designed websites tailored to your clients' unique needs. From concept to implementation, you can provide end-to-end web design and development solutions, ensuring that every aspect of the website is crafted with precision and attention to detail. This includes creating responsive layouts, integrating interactive elements, optimizing performance, and ensuring a seamless user experience.

• Unique Designs: Crafting bespoke website designs.
• Responsive Development: Creating websites optimized for all devices.
• Webflow Expertise: Utilizing the power of the Webflow platform.

Website Redesign and Optimization

I provide website redesign and optimization services to enhance existing websites. I analyze clients' current websites, identify areas for improvement, and offer strategic recommendations to optimize design, user experience, and functionality. With Webflow, I refresh designs, improve loading speed, implement SEO best practices, and increase conversion rates.

• Modernization: Updating outdated websites with contemporary designs.
• Performance Boost: Optimizing loading speed and site performance.
• SEO Enhancements: Improving search engine visibility and rankings.

Website Maintenance and Support

I offer website maintenance and support services to ensure security, updates, and proper functioning. This includes regular content updates, security monitoring, bug fixes, performance optimization, and general technical support. Clients can have peace of mind knowing their websites are in capable hands, allowing them to focus on their core business.

• Content Updates: Regularly refreshing website content.
• Security Monitoring: Protecting a website against potential dangers.
• Technical Assistance: Providing prompt support for troubleshooting and inquiries.

1. Discovery

Collaborate with the client to understand their vision, goals, and requirements for the website.
Conduct market research, analyze competition, and identify the target audience to shape the website's strategy.
Define key functionalities, structure, and content that will form the foundation for further design and development.

2. Wireframe & design

Develop a wireframe that represents the website's structure and layout of elements.
Create the visual design of the website, including color schemes, typography, images, and graphical elements.
Incorporate user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) principles to ensure an intuitive and visually appealing user experience.

3. Development

Transform the website design into a functional product.
Utilize HTML, CSS, and other languages and technologies to build pages, implement interactive elements, and ensure responsiveness across devices.
Integrate features such as contact forms, search functionality, login/registration, and third-party platform integrations.

4. Handover & Aftercare

Deliver the completed website to the client.
Provide support and training to empower the client to manage the website independently.
Ensure regular website maintenance, upgrades, security updates, and provide support for addressing potential issues.

s'UP Production

Brand identity
Graphic design
Web development

Portfolio website for Razvan Chitua, video producer.

View website
Simple site picture

Iryna Lohush UX/UI Designer

Brand identity
Graphic design
Web development

Website for Irina Lohush, UX-UI designer.

View website
Iryna picture

Hayes Valley Interior Design

Brand identity
Graphic design
Web development

A complex website for a company specializing in home decor and interior design.

View website
Halles Valley picture

Focus Studio

Brand identity
Graphic design
Web development

Website for Photo Studio: Promoting Photography, Design, and Printing Services.

View website
Focus Studio picture

CMS site

Brand identity
Graphic design
Web development

A simple CMS (Content Management System) website.

View website
Cms site picture
Testimonial Image

'' Ognjen was great to work with. We've worked together to build up my personal website and the end result is perfect. Communication and execution speed was perfect. Highly recommend him to anyone for Webflow work. ''

Razvan Chitu

Video Producer - s'UP Production
Testimonial Image

'' I appreciate your skills about my Webflow website and the collaborative work. The results look fantastic! Thank you so much! ''

Iryna Lohush

UX/UI Designer
Testimonial Image

" It was a pleasure collaborating with Ognjen. He is professional, straightforward, and responsible. I highly recommend working with him. "

Bojan Ninkovic

CEO Focus Studio
Testimonial Image

'' Ognjen, an experienced Webflow developer, stands out for his exceptional communication skills. Working with him is a breeze as he maintains clear and prompt communication throughout the project lifecycle. His ability to articulate ideas, address concerns, and provide updates ensures a smooth and efficient workflow. Clients can rely on Ognjen to keep them informed and involved every step of the way, resulting in a positive and collaborative working relationship. ''

Doreen Jane Guanco

UX Designer

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